The cost of treatment is usually covered by your health insurance

Private health insurance

Your private health insurance usually covers the treatment costs for radio surgical treatment with the Gamma Knife. You will receive an invoice for your treatment in accordance with the German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ) based on an analog evaluation approved by the German Medical Association.

Public health insurance

Outpatient radio surgical treatment with the Gamma Knife is still not part of the benefits catalog of the statutory health insurance.

However, we have concluded agreements with many health insurance companies to cover the costs of treatment with gamma knife, and the costs are usually covered.

For other insurance companies, an individual application for cost coverage is required.
We will of course support you in the application and communication with your health insurance.

After the consultation and the indication, you will receive a doctor’s letter and your personal cost estimate. You submit these documents to your health insurance company. As soon as you have received written confirmation from your insurance company that the treatment costs will be covered, you arrange the treatment appointment with us.