Patient experience

The treatment was painless, the places where the carriers are screwed on are simply anaesthetised. Like dentist's injections, but they go into the scalp. After two hours and after measuring the tumour again with the beam on my head, three settings were made with which I was then irradiated. I think the longest radiation time was twenty minutes.

Martin, 59

At my age, any operation naturally puts a lot of strain on my body. When the tumour was discovered and there was the possibility of a cure without surgery, the choice was not difficult for me.

Alfred, 75

The treatment is completely painless, it does not hurt at all. It takes about three to four hours. You basically come out almost cured. A huge thank you to the Gamma Knife Centre.

Renate, 73

I am a freelance photographer and travel a lot around the world. I can't afford a long breakdown. The treatment was incredibly fast. Just three days after the treatment, I was able to fly again.

Andrea, 39

I had just started my Master's degree when I was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma. I had been having hearing problems for some time, and an MRI unfortunately confirmed the suspicion. An operation would have taken me out of my studies because the recovery time would have been very long. For me, the Gamma Knife treatment was definitely the best solution. I didn't have to interrupt my studies and could go to university as usual directly the next day after the treatment.

Lea, 25 Jahre

The news that metastases had formed in my head hit me hard as a self-employed person. The risks of open head surgery are not insignificant. In my search for alternatives, I came across the Gamma Knife Centre. With this method, I was able to avoid surgery. In addition, I was able to continue my self-employment and had no loss of work. Dr. Horstmann was by my side the whole time before, during and after the treatment and answered every question I had.

Thomas, 64 Jahre

As a grandmother, I care a lot about seeing my grandchildren grow up. After I received my diagnosis, a benign pituitary adenoma, it was clear to me and my family that head surgery at my age was very risky. Gamma Knife treatment is the best alternative for me.

Erika, 71 Jahre